Tokyo Demo Fest 2017

A short while ago Tropical Trevor and Glow asked me if I’d be able to make some music for an entry in the Tokyo Demo Fest 2017. They’d work on graphics and shader awesomeness and it was a great excuse to test the pipeline of the new 64k toolkit.
I haven’t really had much time to play around with 64K synths so this was diving in the deep end for me. It also all had to happen in a few days, and I just got a new job.
“Pandora” is the amazing 64k synth from glow and that was the tool of choice as we’d got it working in the pipeline.
The final executable size was 33k 🙂
For what we all did in a week on top of everything else I’m really happy with how it turned out. The music and sound is pretty much lacking as far as I’m concerned but that’s fine considering the circumstances it was created in.
If I’m correct it was 2nd in the compo entry and a few members of Poo brain were in Tokyo at the party itself. So that’s just all kinds of awesome.

Heres the link to the executable at pouet