MGNT art installation STRP BIENNALE

I was commissioned by the What If Collective to build the Realtime visuals for STRP BIENNALE 2017.
They had a great concept of waveforms which would be projected to 9 beamers on a disc responding to user positions and environmental sound.
They hit the roadblock of finding out that no CPU can render 9 screens of visuals in real time.
They contacted me to enquire if it was possible or not. The deadline was around 6-7 weeks, a very short amount of time to get a project like this finished and bug free.

It also had to respond to live audio from super collider, the positions of up to 9 people (tracked with kinect 2) which distorted the visuals the closer they got to the edge of the ring.

I made great progress but wasn’t going to get it finished on time due to 2 features being very difficult to implement in the shader code.
I asked Tropical Trevor to assist and one day later the last two problems were fixed.
I’m really pleased with the final results considering it was literally finished on the opening day.
Thousands of people experienced the installation during the week and it was an absolute pleasure to see the responses from the public.

Working on the last few things the day before opening.