Awesome Links

For all things related to the Demoscene go check out.

The 64k tool SqrMelon created by Tropical Trevor. We used this to create all of our 64k demos. Great documentation and plenty of comments.
Get it here on Github

Want access to a huge wealth of GLSL shaders and techniques ? Then go check out Shadertoy.

If your interested in learning how to make your own GLSL shaders I would recommend the amazing
Book of Shaders

Some of my homies from the Demoscene have a great company called Ragesquid
They made the legendary game “Descenders” and “Action Henk”, go check them out.

TD Hooper makes some amazing shaders on Shadertoy and has some great projects on Github.

The program that got me started with generative art created by software algorithms.
Processing .
And the best tutorials ever made by the one and only Daniel Shiffman.
Coding train

Open source 3D software that came a very long way in the last few years
Blender 3D , I occasionally use it to clean up models for 3D prints and to make juicy renders with the Cycles engine.

My favorite DAW, Ableton Live. I’ve been using it since version 2. I’m almost Jedi with it. Almost…

The one and only Max Msp Jitter from Cycling’74, if you want to start making interactive media without writing a line of code then this is for you. Amazing forums, thriving community.

Want to make your audio or midi effects ? Create things that don’t normally exist in a DAW ? Then Max for Live is for you. (Yup, its Max msp Jitter in Ableton Live)

Can’t afford Max ? Then you can always get the open source software Pure data. For basic midi and data manipulation its okay, sadly the community isn’t very helpful and sharing (go figure) and the documentation is very spotty. All in all fine if you don’t need to do anything complicated.