64k demo Party Gipfeler

Released at Revision 2018

We’re celebrating 5 years of existence and want to show what we’ve learned! This is a remake of our first PC Demo “Party Gipfel”, made with Unity, now in glorious 64k with our own renderer and toolchain!


Tropical Trevor | Code, tools, shaders, direction

Andro | Cameras, shaders

Wurstgetrank | Shaders

]Punqtured | Music, sound design

Virgill | Music, sound design

Gopher | 64klang2

Duckz0rz | Dancing & animation polish

Massive shoutouts to the following people for their help & support: Ixion, Chibi, Zavie, Roeltje, Yukari & Eri, Kioku, Maikel, Glow