64k demo Eidolon

Winner of the 64k category at Revision 2017

A 64k brought to you by


Andro – Direction, shaders

Tropical Trevor – Code, tools, shaders

Wurstgetrank – Shaders

Glow – 2D, font, shaders

Roeltje – Physics code

Punqtured – Music, sound design

Virgill – Music, sound design

Gopher – 64klang2, film grain, vignette

Beftex – Co-direction, Andro-nerve-controller

Maikel – Concept art

Massive shoutouts to: Duckz0rz, for jumping in with animation polish, Lotje, bmod, peerke, the people that were there in the beginning to help inspire us! About 7 months in the making, by a team that had never done a 64k together before, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!”