3d Audio Oscillator – Leap Motion

The Lissajous has been done a thousand times before (yet it still remains awesome to see). If you’re not sure what Lissajous means take a quick look here.

So a Lissajous can be generated with waveform data. I was more curious what would happen if a Lissajous was created by analyzing audio. By sampling audio into thousands of buffers and generating data I had a 2D Lissajous up and running.
After getting that “Hello world” out of the way the challenge was how to make it more interesting. I realized that a Lissajous “seems” to be 3D due to color intensity and angles of the lines but it can’t be 3D because a stereo signal can only output 2 pieces of data, left and right, on the X and Y axis.
To create a 3 axis of data I decided upon using 3 Oscillators that could morph between all the basic wave-forms of sound, sine, square, saw-tooth etc..
Each oscillator would be analysed and output its data for my 3D Lissajous. After generating a few thousand points of data i merged the output of all 3 into one vertex point each. Then a simple 3D plane was created in OpenGL. Draw mode points and lines. Send the data through and  you have a true 3D visualizer where the user can move the camera and fly around. When I get a VR set I’ll transfer this immediately with 3D positional sound.

I decided to let the user control the system with a single leap motion controller. The hand was tracked in 3D space and served as a way to morph between all the Oscillators. With a single swipe fundamental harmonics we’re altered with a generative system which would rarely repeat.
I still have to make a video of this so here are some screenshots of the results and the presentation at WYSIWYG337< at de Kennismakerij in Tilburg.

DOF to be added later 😉