Hi there,

Glad to see you ended up on my little spot in the internet. Since you’re here I may as well not leave you hanging and say a little about myself.
My name is Mark and I’m an extremely passionate nerd who’s very interested in modern art created with technological means and interactive media.

So now you know what I like you might also be wondering what it is that I do.
I like to create fully immersive installations using a variety of software and techniques ranging from external real world data to sensory input from analog devices. The outcome from these experiments are real time art pieces that are truly generative and never repeat their output of visuals and sounds.

To make these ideas a reality requires me to create custom software/hardware solutions built using a variety of tools. A piece that generates visual art based upon sensory data requires a very different approach to making a 60 minute audio reactive visual set that responds to a live band playing on the stage.

I also love to help people out who need specific solutions to specific problems, so please feel free to contact me if you have any requests or questions.

Things I occasionally curse at because they don’t do what I want:

Blender 3d
Ableton Live + Max for Live
GLSL shaders ( This one makes me curse a lot)

On a side note: I was introduced to the Demoscene at Revision 2016. A true life changing experience for a geek like me. So since then I have no social life as I’m absolutely and utterly hooked on making demos.