Oculus rift and raymarching.

Finally managed to get myself an Oculus rift (especially since it had a massive price drop).
The goal is to get a Raymarching setup running that can be explored and manipulated by the user.

I’ll be using Max/Msp/Jitter to get this one going thanks to the hard work of Graham Wakefield, he created a solid Max package which ran instantly with the Oculus and the touch controllers.

We won another 64k. Evoke 2017.

After taking a well deserved break from working on the Revision demo, I asked the rest of the team if they would like to work on another 64k demo I had in mind for Evoke 2017.
I put the basic storyboard together and the usual suspects all came together. Tropical Trevor had reworked major parts of the tool 65+, the rendering engine received a major overhaul, so it took a little while to get into again. You can check out an awesome explanation on Trevors web-page regarding the tools development and how it works.

We’re very happy with the final results and had an amazing time at the party.
You can stress test your GPU with the exe over at pouet or see the video capture on Youtube

Yup….It’s called Yermom…